LAVA GARDEN 12-18 mm.

Lava Garden .. The Easy Way to Create a Little Eden
Red lava rock is increasing in popularity for its multi-purpose functionality in many different types of garden and landscape design settings. It can be fun to explore all the various uses for red lava rock when planning out a new garden or landscape design. Lava rock has several properties which endear it to landscape design artists, chief amongst which are its lightweight properties, its resistance to color fade, its ability to serve as a source of natural insulation for fragile plant roots as they grow, its ability to control weeds, and its resistance to being displaced even under pressure from foot or other traffic. Red lava rock is as functional as it is attractive, and with several different types and as many applications to choose from, it can be a delightful discovery as well as a quick fix solution to common landscape design problems. Our lava rock is a unique product that weighs less than half of other landscaping aggregates. Less weight means more coverage per ton. You can expect to get almost three times more coverage.
50 Lt PP Bag and 1 m3 Big Bag