Lava Filter
The environmentally friendly alternative for Purification of Polluted Water

The quality of the biofilter material is critical to the process.The filter material must provide a high inner surface offering a good settlement area for the microorganisms and allows a constant growth of the micro-biological flora.  Several micro-organisms in exactly the right proportions and conditions are working together on the biological break down of the odorous contaminants.The biofilter's efficiency hereby depends to a special degree on the sorption capacity of the biofilter material as well as on the biological activity of its micro flora. This keeps the biological activity of the product intact for a maximum effect.Barkinay Lava Filter  is a 85 % porous, lightweight filter medium of volcanic origin.When flowing through the organic biofilter bed Lava Filter quickly and efficiently absorbs pollutants and stabilizes their structure, making it easy for the bacteria  to break down organic waste




  • 50 Lt PP Bag 
  • 1 m3 Bigbag