MİRACLE OF NATURE
Lava Rock is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano The simultaneous cooling and depressurization freezes the bubbles in the matrix meaning there are numerous empty spaces, holes or cavities.Lava Decor which provide the ideal living environment for benefical denitrifying bacteria in Aquariums. Anaerobic bacteria consume nitrate and produce oxygen and nitrogen Lava Decor is the easy natural way to remove the nitrate that help to create and promote a healthy ecosystem and aquatic habitat. Serving as a great source of beneficial bacteria for aquarium.
Lava Decor is 100 % Natural,pH neutral and types of completely inert aquarium rock.


Lava Decor Sizes:

5  to 10 cm
10 to15 cm
15 to 20 cm

Wooden case on pallet