Lava Rocks - Soil's Best Organic Amendment

The unique structure and composition of lava rocks makes them a multifunctional amendment in the garden& greenhouse. The highly porous qualities of lava rock make them very beneficial in aerating soils as well as helping to retain soil moisture. The porous qualities also create a massive surface area for beneficial bacteria to live and multiply in.

Combining Lava Rock gravel  with organic materials in compost is a great way to solve application problems and speed up the process. Don't forget a handful of soil to inoculate with organisms. Lava Gravel improves aeration and structure and therefore prevents rotting. Gravel  is assimilated even more quickly in compost than in poor soils.

Compost and Lava gravel are a symbiotic combination: the compost provides an excellent medium for the "microorganism population explosion" promoted  by lava&soil.By boosting beneficial bacteria numbers, you are able to unlock more nutrients for your plants. ,The Lava gravel will not only help create more organic matter, but will also help hold it in place, reduce odors and conserve it.

 Hamaker says "As long as the soil is neutral [in pH] or close to it, microorganisms will control what goes into the plant roots. These controls are off when the soil is acid or acidic chemicals are added." Agrolav it's pH is 6,5-7,5, which is to say neutral.Incorporating lava rocks into garden's soil is easy. When mixing soil components adding enough lava rock to make up 20-25% of the total soil mix.

Once for all

  • Agrolav is mixed with the soil by a quarter (1/4) and primarily laid on the bottom of the soil.
  • Because of its porous structure, it holds water inside, this way, the chance of evaporation disappears and offers the plant the opportunity to benefit from the water for a long time.
  • This way, the watering period is reduced and approximately a 70% water savings is provided.
  • Due to its porous structure, it provides airing of the soil.
  • It regulates draining, increases infiltration, and prevents evaporation.
  • Because it is inorganic, it does not carry weed seeds or disease to the soil.
  • In terms of saltiness and alkali, it doesn’t create any problems.
  • Because its neutral (pH: 6,5-7,5) and acts as a chemical tampon, it easily regulates the environmental pH balance.
  • Because its heat conductivity is low, it minimizes the damage the plant can receive from the daily temperature fluctuations.
  • Hydroponics can also benefit from lava rocks by using the as a growing medium.